Why Fuzzy?

What's included?

A head–to–tail examination of your fuzzy and lifestyle evaluation including analysis of diet, behavior, and activity level. We also update all vaccines and perform heartworm and fecal tests. We'll discuss flea, tick & heartworm medications and determine what is right for your fuzzy.

What if my fuzzy needs emergency or additional care?

Currently, Fuzzy offers preventative health services as we believe emergency or surgical care is best performed in a clinic. However, we do offer telemedicine care so you can get answers to any health questions you have (and help determine if a trip to the emergency clinic is warranted).

How do you select your veterinarians?

Fuzzy hand picks veterinarians using a rigorous screening process. We look at criteria such as educational background, training, and pet– side manner. All Fuzzy veterinarians go through a comprehneisve on– boarding program to promote delivery of Fuzzy's exemplary standard of care.

What is your service area?

We're available in San Francisco, the Peninsula, San Jose, the East Bay (to Walnut Creek), and Southern Marin (to San Rafael).

Is there a multiple pet discount?

Yes! We want to make care affordable for all of your fuzzies so we offer a 10% discount for families with more than one pet.

Why do you need my pet's medical records prior to the first checkup?

We always request medical records from previous veterinarians prior to your fuzzy's first checkup. Having prior medical records allows us to tailor the checkup to thier needs and address any concerns right away.

How is Fuzzy different from traditional vets?

Fuzzy is in–home veterinary care. We believe wellness care is best delivered in home, which is more convenient and less stressful than a clinic. Rather than charging a la carte for services, we provide best–in–class preventive care for a simple monthly membership fee.

Why a membership model?

A membership model allows us to provide ongoing care and support for your pet and aligns our interests with your pet's. We believe that traditional a la carte pricing incents clinics to deliver more medicine rather than better medicine.

What if my pet needs medications?

Fuzzy includes all flea, tick, and heartworm medications with the membership. If you pet needs medications for ongoing care we are happy to write a prescription for them. We do not yet offer treatment for acute care.