A message from Fuzzy -
with a shift to serve every pet nationwide

What is happening?

We're excited to announce Fuzzy Pet Health's transition to a fully digital veterinary company, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you on your journey as a pet parent.

We started Fuzzy with a Mission to make exceptional vet care more accessible. Since launching in 2017, we've provided care to more than 5,000 households in the SF Bay Area and NYC and delivered digital veterinary consults to 50,000+ households nationwide. We’ve learnt that members find our digital service incredibly valuable, engaging and a "lifeline" for their pet's health. It also allowed us to expand access to care nationwide, from helping a pet parent through their dog giving birth to a litter of puppies, to providing advice on the best course of action when your pets have eaten something they should not have. This allows us to further our mission at an incredible scale to every household with a pet in the country.

Fuzzy's membership-based digital experience was designed by our team of veterinarians to meet the unique needs of you and your pet. By remaining a Fuzzy Member, you will have access to on-demand consultations with Fuzzy's veterinary team, medications, supplements and food.

Fuzzy members will continue to have access to in-home veterinary care.

Fuzzy's team of in-home veterinarians will continue to treat pets in your area through a partnership with Fuzzy. The same familiar friendly faces will be there to care for your fuzzy.

What are my choices?

As a member of our in-home care membership you will automatically be enrolled in our new Fuzzy Plus membership which includes: monthly flea, tick & heartworm medications, as well as unlimited access to our digital care team for questions, prescriptions, advice, and recommendations. We’ll also be introducing live video consults soon!

If you wish to remain a Fuzzy Plus member to continue to receive the benefits of our new membership, you don’t have to do anything.

What does it cost?

The new Fuzzy Plus membership means your monthly payments will be reduced to $25 / month for your pet’s monthly flea, tick & heartworm medications as well as unlimited access to our digital care team for prescriptions, advice, & recommendations.

If you paid monthly, your monthly bill will now reflect the reduced rate.

If you paid for the year in advance, we will be refunding you for any services you did not receive less the $25/month for the preventive meds and digital care.

For pets not previously treated by a Fuzzy veterinarian, we also offer a flea prevention plan consisting of topical medication and starting at $9.95.

We strongly recommend continuing to give your pet the most comprehensive and effective prevention through vet-prescribed ingestibles included in Fuzzy Plus.

Where can I get care / how do I schedule?

Use the Fuzzy app to contact our team.

Our Digital Veterinary experts will connect you with Fuzzy’s veterinarian partners for in-home or clinic care, or provide recommendations on the best and most appropriate place to receive care based on your pets needs. Fuzzy's team of in-home veterinarians will continue to treat pets in your area through a partnership with Fuzzy. The same friendly familiar faces will care for your fuzzy!

What about my pet’s medications?

We'll continue to send your pet's meds every month. If you choose not to continue, please contact us via the app and we will cancel you within 2 business days. If your pet receives other medications from Fuzzy, we will continue to provide the medications. Questions about meds? Ask our veterinary team.

Can I still use you for my pet's care?

Yes, we'd love to be able to continue to provide you with digital care & recommendations. For anything that requires a physical exam, use the app to chat with our veterinary team and we can direct you to local veterinarians.

What care will you be providing?

We'll continue to provide digital care, medications, supplements, & food. Use us anytime you have questions or need advice for your pet.

What if I have a visit scheduled?

If you have a visit scheduled expect a member of our team to contact you to either reschedule the visit or transfer the visit to a partner veterinary provider.

What if my pet is due for vaccines/boosters?

Don’t worry! If your pet is due for vaccines we can set up an in-home checkup with a partner provider or recommend a clinic to get the vaccines.