Experience convenient & superior in-home vet care

Receive $150 off your first year


Save You Time


You set the schedule

Fuzzy, available 7 days a week, comes to your home at a convenient time that fits your schedule.


No travel. No waiting rooms.

No more stressful travel to and waiting time at a vet office.


Gain Absolute Convenience


Checkups at home

You and Fido feel more relaxed while he receives the checkup, core vaccinations, essential diagnostics and more, all in the comfort of your home.


Products shipped to you

Monthly preventative meds (flea, tick, heartworm) mailed to your door.


Receive Quality Care


Dedicated 1-on-1 time

You and your pet get 30-45 mins of face time with a licensed veterinarian at the initial checkup and can discuss any concerns that you may have about your pet.


All eyes on you

No more feeling rushed, like you usually do at a traditional clinic.


Avoid Unnecessary ER Visits


Digital Triage

If Fido is acting funny, utilize our chat feature to consult with us first.


Go right to the source

Our veterinary team is experts in animal care and can answer all your pet questions about health, preventative care, behavior, travel and more.

Why Our Customers Love Fuzzy?

What a complete difference of having a Fuzzy vet come to your home versus taking your pup to the vet! He didn't even realize he was getting an examination

Fuzzy is great for busy working dog parents, they not only make house visits but office too, totally convenient for my hectic schedule.

My dog dreads the stainless steel tables at the vet's office during his annual visits! So hearing about Fuzzy right when my dog was due for his annual visit was perfect timing.

Our Preventative Pet Wellness Plan starts as low as $37.50 per month*.

Your annual plan starts 7 days after the completion of the first checkup. There is no payment due for scheduling a checkup.

*With $150 off 1st year membership, a monthly payment of $37.50 is required with an annual commitment. Fuzzy's in-home vet team currently serves New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. The $150 off promo applies to only one pet, with a $50 checkup fee per additional pet during the same visit.

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