Unlimited consults with the Fuzzy veterinary team. Free.

9am to 8pm, 7 days a week


Routine Healthcare

Our veterinarians do physical examinations, vaccines & boosters, prescriptions and basic diagnostic tests to ensure your pet stays healthy. Together, we can minimize chance of illness.

Lifestyle Guidance

Your pets are family and providing them with a good lifestyle is essential to keeping them happy and healthy. Our veterinary team is dedicated to working with you to develop a plan for your pet's diet, exercise, stimulation, and behavior.

Common Ailments

Medical conditions happen! We want to know when your pet isn't feeling their best. Our veterinarians will work with your concerns, budget and preferences to develop a plan to provide the best care for your Fuzzy family member.

Travel Support

Traveling should be fun - especially with your best friend at your side! Our veterinarians would be happy to help you travel legally, travel safely, and minimize stress along the way.

Veterinarians that come to you

We'll do checkups where it is most convenient for you - at your home or office.

All the essential care - done right

All the essential care your pet needs to stay healthy doesn't require visiting a vet clinic. Our veterinarians come to your home and deliver the care your pet needs. No more, no less.

Making your life easier

We’re using our app and our mobile vet team to get you the right kind of care when you need it. Start the conversation digitally in our app, and our vets will come to you if there is face-to-face care needed.

In-Home Checkups

The best vet care in the comfort of your home - health care pets look forward to.

Unlimited Access

Access to vet advice in the palm of your hand. A team that's there to support you and your pet.

Absolute Convenience

Schedules to suit your busy lifestyle and all your pets supplies direct to your doorstep.

Simple, Affordable Care

Vet-designed to keep your pet healthy and save you on average 20% vs traditional vet clinics.