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1-on-1 live chat with licensed veterinary professionals
The Fuzzy app gives you access to vets directly from your phone, any time you need immediate medical advice, trusted recommendations or just a little bit of expert reassurance.
Vet care whenever you need it, wherever you are
Skip the waiting room
No booking ahead. No hauling pets in cars and crates. No waiting and no vets rushing.
Help now, not later
We're available every day and beyond the 9-5. Send photos and videos to get immediate help.
Avoid the late-night Google spiral
Go straight to the experts to get advice, not the Internet.
Avoid unnecessary ER trips
Before you rush to the ER, chat with us! Chances are we'll be able to save you a lot of time and money.
Add some umph to your vet
Have a vet you love? Use us as your go-to support for peace of mind during your vet's off-hours.
Ask anything and everything
Engage as often as you'd like without paying more. Access to vets is unlimited.
Having a pet means having a lot of questions. We've got you covered.
Medical Help
My dog has diarrhea. What do I do?
My cat puked three times. Help!
Welcoming a New Pet
When should I get my kitten vaccinated?
When can I take my puppy to a dog park?
Lifestyle and Behavior
My cat is peeing on something he shouldn't...
What paperwork do I need to take my dog to Mexico?
Need to chat with a vet right now?