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Pet parents in San Jose are serious about their pets—and seriously loving Fuzzy.

This is a great/affordable option for healthy pets that don't do well at the vet and would be more comfortable in their own homes.

Dr. Meline is a WEALTH of knowledge and sat with us and Teddy and answered literally ALL of our questions.

What a complete difference of having a Fuzzy vet come to your home versus taking your pup to the vet! He didn't even realize he was getting an examination

San Jose Healthcare Highlights

Healthcare is a little different in each city. Here's what we recommend for San Jose

Canine Flu Vaccine

Last year, a canine influenza scare in the South Bay spread quickly, causing many dogs to get sick. A vaccine is given yearly to protect your dog from this disease. Is your pup's flu shot updated?

Intestinal Parasites

Pets are often curious about other pets' stool! Within that poop could be worm eggs—and if ingested, your pet could get intestinal parasites. Even scarier, they can be passed to humans if not treated!

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworms are worms that live in your dog's heart and can cause heart failure. The treatment is expensive and difficult, so protect your pet with veterinarian prescribed preventatives.

General Wellness Care

If everyone in your community receives great preventative care to protect pets from the preventable, the whole community benefits. Plus you won't be bringing fleas, ticks, or other diseases into your home!

Favorite Dog Parks in San Jose

It's hard to choose which dog parks in San Jose are our favorites because there are so many great ones!

Butcher Dog Park

Beautifully kept community dog park in San Jose with large dog and small dog areas to keep play time fun and safe for everyone.

Hellyer County Park

Happy pups run and roll in the sun at Hellyer County Park in San Jose. For dogs used to a more urban environment, it is priceless to find enough room to stretch your legs.

Keep your pet healthy with Fuzzy

We make pet healthcare convenient and affordable, so we’re able to keep more pets in San Jose healthy.

Neighborhoods we service in San Jose

Almaden Valley

Alum Rock



College Park

Communication Hill

Downtown San Jose



Innovation District


Little Portugal

Midtown San Jose

Naglee Park

North San Jose

Palm Haven

Rose Garden

San Pedro Square

Santana Row

Silver Creek Valley

SoFA District

The Alameda

Willow Glen

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