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At Fuzzy, we recognize that you're inviting us into your home and choosing our health care team as a partner in keeping your pets healthy. We've selectively chosen the best veterinarians (and the best people) we could find in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team combines a love for providing pets with the best care and educating pet parents to be the best medical advocates. Taking the lead in building the relationship between you and your Fuzzy veterinarian, our Fuzzy Veterinary Support team ensures that you're getting the most from your membership.

The Fuzzy Health Program has been developed from more than 50 years of collective veterinary experience and tailored to your pets' specific needs.

Dr. Robert Trimble is Fuzzy's lead veternarian and an entrepreneur with a passion for innovating at the intersection of medicine, technology, and organizational design. He likes small towns, big waves, and authentic conversation.

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Dr. Robert Trimble

Head of Veterinary Services

Dr. Jessica Trimble is a veternarian who appreciates the intricacies of pet health care. Her clients appreciate her ability to distill the complex into something that's friendly and understandable. She's a bookworm and a lover of California redwoods and San Francisco fuzzies.

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Dr. Jessica Trimble


Dr. Eric Eisenman completed his BS in Biology at University of Oregon and DVM/MPVM at the University of California–Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Eric is the Founder & CEO of International Veterinary Outreach (IVO), a 501(c)(3) animal welfare advocacy organization that investigates local public health needs as well as develops and implements sustainable veterinary services and training programs in underserved communities worldwide. He currently works on animal welfare–focused One Health projects in Nicaragua, California, Chile, and the Philippines while working to become a diplomat for the American College of Animal Welfare (ACAW).

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Dr. Eric Eisenman


Dr. Peter Bowie graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, where he won awards for emergency & critical care medicine, leadership, and service. He continued at the University of Pennsylvania with an internship in Emergency and Specialty Medicine and Surgery. Since 2000, Peter has practiced emergency and critical care medicine in Marin County. Recently, Peter was elected to office in the California Veterinary Medical Association. Peter's professional interests include emergency/critical care medicine, veterinary medicine advocacy and affordability of care. In his free time, he enjoys viticulture, cooking, music, and anything that takes him outdoors.

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Dr. Peter Bowie


Dr. Nancy Kay graduated from Cornell College and completed her residency at UC Davis Veterinary School. Dr. Kay practiced veterinary medicine in the Bay Area for more than 20 years and more recently has won numerous awards for the practice of veterinary care. Dr. Kay is the author of the bestselling "Speaking for Spot" and the "Spot Speaks" blog and has won numerous awards from the Dog Writers Association of America. In her spare moments, Dr. Kay can be found enjoying the outdoors, almost always with one of her menagerie of four-legged companions.

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Dr. Nancy Kay

Veterinary Advisor

Pattie is a veterinary assistant who has been working in preventative care for over 5 years! She is passionate about client education and making sure our members understand what they can do to keep their fuzzies healthy. In her free time, she loves pastry arts, playing video games, and rock climbing!

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Pattie Li

Veterinary Support Manager

Darci is an animal lover and people enthusiast who’s mission is to make your day! As an avid traveler, Darci knows the importance of a smile and easily relates to everyone she meets. When she’s not focused on customer success at Fuzzy, you can find her hiking around San Francisco with her dog, Rocky.

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Darci Torok

Queen of Member Success, First of Her Name

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