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Brooklyn Healthcare Highlights

Healthcare is a little different in each city. Here's what we recommend for Brooklyn

DHPP Vaccine

The distemper-parvo vaccine is considered core for all dogs- but especially those in Brooklyn! Raccoons in some parks and even subways can spread canine distemper.

Canine Flu Vaccine

Last summer, an outbreak of canine flu blasted through Brooklyn. It is spread through close contact with other dogs, so keep your pup’s flu shot up to date to keep them safe!

Lyme Prevention

The ticks that cause Lyme disease come to Brooklyn in the summer! Lyme can cause joint pain and occasionally more serious illness. Tick preventatives can help protect your pets.

General Wellness Care

Keeping your pet protected from the known illnesses within Brooklyn will allow you and your furry friend to spend not just a wonderfully enjoyable summer together, but a long and happy life.

Favorite Dog Parks in Brooklyn

It's hard to choose which dog parks in Brooklyn are our favorites because there are so many great ones!

Tompkins Square Dog Run

This spot has a special running surface meant to be easy on the paws, separate large and small dogs areas, dog pools, and a place to hose your pup off after a play date. What more do you need?

Central Park

Did you know Central Park allows for off-leash time before 9am and after 9pm? This huge green space in the middle of Manhattan is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

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