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How it works

Unlimited vet access whenever you need us. We’re always available to provide our expert opinion on your pet's health.

In home care

Connect Anytime

Our team is available everyday between 9am and 8pm (we'll respond ASAP the next day if you reach out outside that window).

In home care

Ask Anything

There is no question too small or too random. We're here to answer anything that you're wondering about.

In home care

Unlimited Interactions

There is no limit on the number of interactions, so reach out as often as you like.

In home care

Avoid Unneeded Checkups

Most concerns and questions can be resolved digitally, so avoid the hassle and cost of unnecessary vet visits.

In home care

Digital Records

Have a digital record of what you talked about with your vet. You'll be able to look back and recall past conversations.

In home care

Extra Support

Have a full-service vet that you love? No problem. Use Fuzzy telemedicine as your go-to support on your vet's off hours.