Travel Counseling

Planning to travel with your furry friend? Let us know! While a trip to the neighboring city may be easy, crossing state and country lines can complicated processes. Some countries require months of planning before they'll let you bring your pup through customs. DIfferent parts of the world require different vaccinations and blood tests, import permits, quarantine releases, and health certificates signed by both your regular veterinarian and a federal veterinarian.

Going to the next city is easy, unless your pet has motion sickness! We can help with the stress around car rides with training and anti-nausea medications. Crossing state lines is more complicated, as it can require proper health certificates and vaccination certificates. An up to date rabies shot is always needed for traveling.

Traveling by air can be especially tough. Most airlines require health certifications to bring your pet onboard. A health certificate requires a visit with a special USDA-accredited veterinarian to perform a physical exam and fill out the proper paperwork for your destination, usually within 10 days of traveling. If your pet is traveling in cargo, special kennels and acclimation certificates will be required as well. Training your pet to be comfortable in a kennel, and ensuring their vaccinations, microchip, and preventatives are up to date, are critical to successful air travel.

International travel is very complex. Every country has different regulations for allowing foreign pets over their borders. Some, like Canada, only require a rabies certificate for American pets. Island countries, like those in Southeast Asia or the Caribbean, require blood testing that can take months to finalize. Australia is notorious for requiring testing for a large variety of diseases, extra vaccinations, and extra anti-parasitics. Some countries reserve the right to send your pet back home on the plane, place them in quarantine, or even euthanize them if regulations are ignored and paperwork is in correct.

Chat with Fuzzy as soon as you know your travel plans; we can help you navigate the complexities of international regulations. We even have special USDA certified veterinarians, so we can examine and write the travel certifications in your home.

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