Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is the worst. You're all set for your road trip with your best furry friend, get a few miles down the road- and the vomiting starts. Many dogs and cats have motion sickness, and it's incredibly common for young pets. It's a frustrating problem to deal with, but thankfully can be treated with medications and training.

Motion sickness is most common in puppies and kitties. They often grow out of it by 6-12 months of age. Treatment is often started with training- short, non-stressful trips to decrease anxiety around car rides. Medications, like anti-nausea and anti-anxiety medications, can be used prior to car trips to help your pet feel better.

In adults, car sickness if often the result of travel anxiety- nervousness about being in a car. Training and anti-anxiety medications in combinations with anxiety medications can help many pets over time. These medications often need to be tried and adjusted multiple times before the perfect combination is found.

Preventing motion sickness can take training, medications, patience, and time- Fuzzy is here to help you with all of it. Rarely, car sickness can be a sign of other underlying diseases- a Fuzzy appointment is recommended to ensure there is nothing more serious going on with your loved furry friend. Use our app today to chat with our healthcare team.

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