Location-based care

We get it- your pets are your kids. And when you travel, you want to take them along. But how do you know the vaccines and parasite prevention you received in San Francisco are still good in Hong Kong? Use our app to chat with us about your travel- we can be sure that you're prepared wherever you go.

Did you know that the incidence of heartworm disease in Phoenix is relatively low, but is totally endemic in the Southeastern states? Location-based care is an important part of preventative and wellness care. Fuzzy can provide the necessary vaccinations and medications to help keep your pet healthy, no matter where they go.

It's critical for your pet's health to be prepared for different climates. Can your super-fluffer, used to the snow and cold, handle a week in the heat of Orlando? Are you taking your pup, who is used to the warm and mild California coast, to Tahoe for the weekend? How do you protect them from the snow and cold? Let Fuzzy help you plan ahead to keep your pet comfy in new climates.

Sometimes problems happen when you are out and about. What do you do, when you're a thousand miles from home, and your pet has a health problem? Use the Fuzzy app to consult our health team. We can provide advice to hopefully keep you from needing to hunt down a new vet. If you do need to go in, let us help you find the right veterinary clinic for your needs.

An in-home appointment is a great way to make sure your pet is healthy enough to handle the stress of flying and exposure to new parts of the world. Fuzzy is here for you no matter where you are- in a different city, state, or halfway across the world. We help pets travel to new places everyday.

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