Health Certifications

Health certifications are necessary for a variety of reasons. Most travel over state lines, and always over country lines, require special certificates based on the state or country regulations. Some pets need health certificates for your landlord to guarantee they are up to date on their shots and preventatives. Some therapy dog programs require veterinary health certificates to judge behavior and temperament.

Travel with your pet often requires significant advance notice, extra testing or vaccinations, and special certificates. Discussion about your travel should be had as soon as you know your plans, as some countries do require testing that can take 6-8 months to complete. It's recommended to talk with the consulate of the country you are traveling to, to ensure you've met all the regulations.

Once the testing and treatment is complete, a special veterinarian must create a health certificate for your pet. These veterinarians have gone through extra training and certifications to become USDA-certified, and have a greater knowledge of travel regulations and diseases that can be spread between pets over country lines. Fuzzy has several USDA-certified veterinarians to help you with your traveling adventures. After the health certificate has been made, federal regulations require that a federal USDA veterinarian double-checks and signs the paperwork.
Pets that do not follow all the rules and regulations stand risk of exportation, quarantine, fines, or more.

It may seem daunting, but we're here to help! Let us know your travel plans, and we can help you and your pet get to your vacation faster. Fuzzy can perform the extra testing, vaccinations, and health certificates in the comfort of your home.

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