Weight Management

Weight management is essential to your pet's long term health. Pets that are overweight will have shortened life spans due to weight related diseases like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and more. Weight is affected by your pet's diet, exercise, breed, and health factors.

Pets that are overweight have far higher incidence of musculoskeletal disease. This means your pet is more like to rupture their ACL, throw out their back, and develop arthritis from increased stress on their joints. Body condition scoring is a great way to understand the ideal weight for your pet; they should have a nice waistline, and you should be able to feel their ribs but not see them. If you're wondering if your pet's body condition score is right, schedule an in -home appointment with a Fuzzy veterinarian.

Weight loss can be accomplished through changes in diet, increases in exercise, and by addressing health conditions. Health conditions like low thyroid in dogs is a very common cause of weight gain. Weight loss can be especially complicated for cats, as they tend to be less motivated to play and harder to take for a walk.

If you're curious about how to extend your pet's lifespan by decreasing their weight, have a chat with us! Utilize the Fuzzy app to ask about the right diet and treats to be sure your pet is getting the healthiest foods. Fuzzy will help teach you about your pet's ideal weight, fat to muscle mass ratios, and how to keep them fit and healthy. Schedule an appointment to have your pet's body condition score judged, and use our app to ask questions about exercise and healthy snacks!

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