Quality of Life

Not every pet matches every lifestyle! A bulldog is a terrible hiking partner, a border collie is not an ideal buddy for sleeping in, and a cat is not a usually a great option for playing fetch. So what is the ideal lifestyle for your furry friend? Or, are you looking to find a pet that matches your lifestyle? Your pet's quality of life is so important, and is affected by both mental and physical factors.

Quality of life can be a tough balance. Your pet's breed, age, and personality will play a large part in the type of lifestyle you can have. Breed and age is especially important when it comes to quality of life as energy levels and physical abilities strongly affect that pet's lifestyle.

Health problems can also come into play; we can help you understand what type of lifestyle and medical care is best for your dog with heart disease, your cat with arthritis, or your obnoxious teenage shepherd chewing apart your couch. Some dogs need hours of exercise to maintain a good quality of life, but if you have a 17 year old cat you're looking at a completely different picture.

Travel plans also affect lifestyle. Some pet breeds don't travel well, or do poorly when left alone for long periods of time. Long hours on a plane can be easy for a small, relaxed breed but not for a large, high energy dog. Other pets think that being dropped off at doggy-day care is the best day ever playing with their friends, and don't ever want to leave.

Your pet's personality also comes into play. Some pets, irregardless of breed, have anxiety disorders that make it nearly impossible to leave them alone. Cats tend to do great with a quiet family, but don't always do well with loud or high-traffic households.

Determining the best quality of life for your pet, or the best pet for your lifestyle, can be complicated! Let Fuzzy help- Use the app to chat with our team, or schedule an appointment for a physical evaluation to see what kind of quality of life is best for you and your pet.

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