Nutrition can be complicated. Are you feeding the right food? How do you pick a food when there are so many types to choose from? What is the difference between kibble, canned, freeze dried, and raw, and what about treats?! And what about people food?

Questions about diet are one of the most common that we receive. Walking into a pet store can be intimidating, with so many different types of food and opinions about what is right for pets. Fuzzy stays up to date on the latest research regarding raw foods, grain free diets, novel proteins, home-cooked meals, and nutritional guidelines to make sure we are providing up-to-date, science-based recommendations.

Not every diet type is right for every pet! A young dog with an undeveloped immune system shouldn't have raw meats; kibbles aren't great for pets with allergies to preservatives; canned food is great for pets with no teeth, but can be hard on the pet owner to manage. Home-cooked meals need special testing to be sure your pet's meal is nutritionally balanced. Chat with us in our app to understand the differences between diet types and which is right for your situation.

Nutrition should change with age, activity level, supplements, health conditions, and sometimes breed. A 12 year old labrador does not need the same amount of fat and protein as a 2 year old, and certainly not the same as a pregnant Chihuahua. If you're feeding your pet any human food, then a nutrition evaluation is critical to be sure they are getting a balanced diet.

Being able to evaluate your own pet's muscle, fat, and physical fitness can empower you to make changes to prevent diseases like diabetes and arthritis. An in-home visit with a Fuzzy Vet can help you understand your pet's nutritional needs, how well their current nutrition matches their lifestyle, and what you can do to improve your pet's nutrition.

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