Dental Care

The importance of dental care cannot be understated! What would your teeth look like if you didn't brush daily? You can imagine just how quickly your teeth would develop tartar and disease without regular brushing and dental care, so it's no surprise how quickly it builds up in our pets. Pets who receive regular dental care can live years longer than those who don't.

Dental care is so critically important; pets who don't receive dental care can can develop dental infections, bone infections, heart disease, kidney problems, and more. The bacteria on your pet's teeth can build up to a point where it travels through the bloodstream, causing disease in other important organs. Teeth that are infected or diseased have to be surgically removed, often requiring weeks of antibiotics and sometimes even bone grafts to fix the damage done.

To prevent these problems, dental chews, water additives, and teeth brushing can be used daily. Pets with daily dental care can often entirely prevent the need for anesthetic dental cleanings, or at least shorten the interval between them. Anesthetic dental cleanings are by far the best way to get your pet's teeth professionally cleaned. There are “Non-anesthetic” dental cleanings- but can you imagine your dog have their teeth scraped under their gums while wide awake? That can be terrifying for our pets, and often dangerous as they have no idea that they should sit still during the process.

Preventative dental care is a great way to take care of your pet's oral health. Did you know that pet toothpaste comes in amazing and gross flavors like liver, beef, chicken, and salmon? With a little training, your pet can come to love having their teeth brushed. Fuzzy can help by providing dental assessments, teaching you how to train your pets to love having their teeth brushed, and helping you understand when and where to get a full dental cleaning. Schedule an appointment today for a dental assessment!

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