Annual Blood Screenings

Dogs and cats instinctively hide signs of illness- often, we don't know something is wrong until the problem has worsened. Annual blood screenings are a great way to know what is normal for your pet, so that you can track their health over time. It's also a great way to catch diseases early enough to keep them from getting worse, or finding a problem that your pet was hiding.

Thyroid problems, kidney disease, liver disease, and anemia symptoms are often hidden by your pet but can be easily caught on a blood screening. High thyroid in cats, for instance, can happen slowly over months and cause problems like heart disease and weight loss that aren't noticed until the damage is already done. By doing early screenings, we can treat diseases before they cause further problems and add years to your pet's lifespan.

We also recommend blood screenings prior to any anesthetic event, like surgeries, dental cleanings, or spays and neuters. This is to ensure that your pet's organs are working properly to prevent anesthetic complications. Dogs that are on long-term medications should have at minimum one blood panel a year, and often more, to be sure the medications are not harming your pet.

Blood screenings become more important as your pet ages, as with age comes more diseases. For instance, and large number of cats develop kidney disease and high thyroids with age. In dogs, liver disease and low thyroids can be common. Fuzzy can provide these blood screenings at-home, where your pet is most comfortable. A Fuzzy veterinarian will send you the results within just a couple days, with an explanation of results. You can chat with our Fuzzy healthcare team about the results and any recommendations through the app.

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