The urinalysis is often part of a larger panel of testing. Urine can give us a great amount of information, including the diagnosis of urinary tract infections, diabetes, urinary crystals, kidney disease, and much more. It's recommended for any pet that is drinking and urinating more frequently than normal.

Obtaining a urine sample can be challenging- especially in cats. There are two main ways of getting urine for a urinalysis. The first is the best way, called cystocentesis, using an ultrasound to see the bladder, inserting a needle, and removing a sample of urine. This feels just like getting a vaccine- just a short poke! This method ensures that the sample is sterile, and then that sample can be used to culture for bacterial infection. The other method is to perform a “free catch”- essentially, just like peeing in a cup. This method is particularly hard for kitties!

Fuzzy can provide a urinalysis as part of a larger diagnostic panel, if your pet has a urine sample to provide! If not, we may recommend your pet go to a full-service veterinarian to have an ultrasound-guided cystocentesis to ensure the best treatment for your pet.

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