Metabolic Screening

A full metabolic screen is an excellent way to check your pet's health. A full screen would include urine testing, thyroid testing, a complete blood count, and chemistry panel. As pets age, metabolic issues tend to be more common. Thyroid disease, Diabetes, Cushing's Disease, and Addison's disease are common metabolic problems our pets may develop.

Metabolic diseases can be fatal for our pets if not caught early and treated appropriately. They are often lifelong diseases, and can be difficult to treat. The early the diseases are found, the easier it is for your veterinarian to institute treatments that will prevent the negative side effects.
Diabetes, for instance, can develop into a deadly disease called diabetic ketoacidosis if not found early and treated properly. Treatment includes a change in diet, regular exercise, and twice-daily insulin injections. Diabetes can be easily diagnosed with a CBC, chemistry panel, and urinalysis. Once diagnosed, regular blood sugar checks are necessary. The only way to know if your pet has diabetes is to pay attention to your pet's thirst, urination, weight, and appetite. Regular metabolic screenings can pick up pre-diabetic conditions, an can sometimes prevent the need to insulin injections with just diet and exercise changes.

Fuzzy can provide these screenings for your aging pets at home, where they are most comfortable. Whether you are monitoring a disease that is already present, or wanting to catch diseases early to make sure your pet has the longest, happiest life possible- Fuzzy is here to help.

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