Complete Blood Count

A complete blood count, also called a “CBC” is a test of your pet's red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. This is a critical part of testing your pet's health, whether it's for an annual wellness check or monitoring an illness. The CBC helps us test for health problems like anemia, clotting disorders, infections, and more.

Your pet's red blood cells are important for carrying oxygen to all parts of your pet's body. Disorders of red blood cells cause lethargy, weakness, and even death. Red blood cell levels can be affected by immune system disorders, injuries, cancers, organ failure, parasites, and more.

White blood cells are the soldiers in your pet's body- they are the ones out fighting viruses and bacteria to keep the body at tip-top shape. Like red blood cells, the levels can be affected by immune system disorders, infections, cancers, parasites, and many more illnesses.

Platelets are critical to helping your pet clot it's blood. Without platelets, a tiny cut could cause extreme enough bleeding to cause death. Successful surgery is not possible without proper platelet levels. Platelet levels can be affected by immune system disorders, cancers, and hereditary illnesses.

Fuzzy can provide a CBC for your pet, drawing blood from your pet while they are sitting comfortably on your couch. It's often tested as a larger panel, with blood chemistries and endocrine levels.

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