Chemistry Panel

The chemistry panel is a fascinating peek at how your pet's abdominal organs are functioning. It's a good look at liver enzymes, kidney enzymes, pancreas enzymes, proteins, and electrolyte levels. We recommend this yearly for pets to monitor for diseases, and twice yearly for geriatric pets to ensure we catch problems early.

The chemistry panel is used in conjunction with complete blood counts, urinalysis, and other diagnostics to help determine the health of your pet. Sometimes we can diagnose a disease directly from the panel, but sometimes it is not specific enough and points to the need for additional diagnostics For example, a chemistry panel that shows high liver enzymes may be a sign that your pet needs an x-ray or abdominal ultrasound to further examine the liver.

This panel can also be used to monitor for nutritional deficiencies, like calcium abnormalities or protein deficiencies. It's great for dogs on home-cooked diets to be sure they're getting the proper levels of vitamins and minerals. It's also great for animals with malabsorptive disorders- like irritable or inflammatory bowel disease- to make sure they're absorbing enough nutrients.

Certain health conditions require frequent rechecks of this panel to monitor the health of your pet's organs. This test requires a small vial of blood, sent to an laboratory. Results are typically back within 2-3 days. After the results are back, our Fuzzy vets will send you the results with explanations on the best course of treatments and recommendations. Use our app to chat with our vets about the results! Fuzzy often performs these for pets at home, to help keep your pet happy and healthy longer.

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