Physical Therapy & Rehab

Accidents happen! Sometimes a trip to the dog park can end disastrously, with a torn ACL or a thrown-out back. These injuries don't have to be the end of your pup's fun at the park, though. A great physical therapy and rehab program can get your pet back into action sooner.

Rehab programs can be used for injuries, as well as for preventing age-related diseases like arthritis. Physical therapy is critical to the success of surgery for all joints, bones, and backs. Unfortunately, our pets don't always understand what they need to do to help themselves heal. They can start to feel a bit better and then over-do it, which can result in worsening the injury or even ruining an expensive surgery.

Speaking with a Fuzzy veterinarian about your pet's rehab needs is a great way to ensure the long-term success of healing after any injury. We can help you develop a plan that works for your lifestyle, including exercises and routines to help your pup rebuild muscle and improve flexibility.

We'll check in regularly through the Fuzzy app, where you can send videos of your pup performing their exercises to ensure proper form. Our healthcare team can send tips and tricks to help you be the most successful in your rehab path. Regular in-home checks with a Fuzzy veterinarian to feel the injured areas, measure for strength improvement, and teach you how to do exercises, stretches, and massage are a great way to get your pet on the path to improvement.

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