Palliative Care

Having an older pet can be tough; it's hard to watch your best friend get old! Especially when age is accompanied by disease or painful arthritis. Fuzzy is here to help with quality of life measurements, pain medications, physical therapy plans, and education to make sure that you are comfortable caring for your furry loved one in their golden years.

Palliative care is meant to help keep pets that are aging or ill comfortable through the end of their lives. We want nothing more for our pets than to live a life full of love, health, and happiness- but what do you do when they are no longer health? Fuzzy can help you understand what quality of life truly is for your pet, and how to measure it on a daily basis to ensure your pet is feeling their best.

Different medications and therapy programs can be incredibly helpful for pets as they near the end of their life to help keep them pain-free, mentally happy, and physically comfortable. Did you know that older dogs, even when their arthritis is too severe to walk anymore, love having trips outside in wagons or strollers? Mental stimulation is essential for good quality of life for our aging furry friends.

Use the Fuzzy app to check in when your pet's not having their best day, to let us know if you think medication doses need to change, or if your pet's symptoms are changing. We're here to help you make the hard end of life decisions, and keep them as happy and comfortable as possible in the meantime. Schedule a Fuzzy appointment- we'll come to your home so your arthritic old friend doesn't have to walk to the vet and sit on a cold table. We'll do everything for your pet while they lay comfortably on their bed, providing a low-stress and high quality experience for your best friend.

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