Medication Counseling

It's important to understand what we're putting into our bodies- and into our pets. Medications are critical to the control of some diseases; some are long term, some are short term. Some have terrible side effects, while others can be very safe. Others still shouldn't be combined with other medications, or need to be taken certain times of day. Feeling overwhelmed? Let us help you decode the pharmaceutical puzzle.

At Fuzzy, we believe in lifestyle-based medications and vaccinations. Not every medication is right for every pet in their stage of life or medical condition, and some just aren't worth it due to the negative side effects. We're here to educate you about your pet's medical needs, and what pharmaceuticals are best for your pet's needs.

If you're worried about the side effects, we can provide diagnostic screenings to check for negative effects on your pet's organs. The liver and kidneys are the main organs that metabolize medications, and often will show the stress of negative effects first. Pets on medications are recommended to have blood screenings every 4-6 months to stay ahead of any problems.

Having trouble getting those pills down? We can help with that! We know that trying to get a very picky cat to take a pill is a challenge, and some dogs seem to magically spit the pill out every time. We can help you find flavored chewables, liquids, dissolvable tablets, and even transdermal medications to make dosing your pet a breeze. Keeping your pet healthy shouldn't be a struggle. Medication reminders through the Fuzzy app can help you ensure you're staying on top of the timing, too!

Need a refill? Chat with our healthcare team through the app. We can arrange an in-home visit to give new prescriptions, or refill long-term prescriptions through the app with no fuss. Fuzzy is here for all your medication counseling needs.

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