Diagnostic Screenings

Does your pet need some testing done? We're here to help. Skin cytologies and scrapings, complete blood counts, chemistry panels, thyroid checks, urine testing, diabetes tests, vaccine titers, and more.

Noticing some hair loss, or problems with your pet's once-luxurious coat? Let us help you find the answers! We can take skin and fur samples for mites, fungi (like ringworm), bacteria, and yeast. We also provide blood testing to ensure it's not related to other internal problems.

Noticing vague symptoms? Your pet acting a little tired, or eating a little less, may not seem alarming. Diagnostic testing can help determine if it's just some creaky knees or the start of a more serious problem. Testing is essential to understanding what ails your pet. The results of the tests can help your veterinarian develop a treatment plan and get your pet back on the road to health faster.

Not sure what tests your pet needs, or how expensive it will be? Talk to us. The Fuzzy app is perfect for chatting with our healthcare team. They can give you ideas about potential causes, let you know what tests may be suggested, and what the approximate pricing may be. We're here to ensure you feel prepared for your pet's health. Most tests are back within 2-3 days, and a Fuzzy veterinarian will contact you with all results, recommendations, and a treatment plan. Have more questions? Just use the app to chat with the team!

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