Other Basic Healthcare Needs

You never know what's going to happen in a day with your pet- that's part of the reason we love them. When those questions pop up, use the Fuzzy App to ask our healthcare team. Sometime the red on your pet's fur is actually just the harness turning their fur red, rather than blood- and their choking is really just a weird sneeze. We're here to help you understand what's serious and what's no big deal. When it is something serious, a Fuzzy vet can come to your home to diagnose and treat your pet and get them feeling better.

Basic healthcare needs of most pets vary based on lifestyle. Many of the health problems we see are allergies, ear infections, vomiting and diarrhea, limping, urinary tract infections, broken toenails, dental issues, eye infections, and behavioral problems. Living a fun life means water in the ears from swimming, and sore shoulder from playing too much ball, or a broken tooth from chewing that bone too hard.

Other healthcare needs pop up over time. Small lumps and bumps, changes in weight, arthritis, dental tartar, and nutritional issues should all be evaluated for changes at least every six months. Fuzzy can send a vet to the comfort of your home to examine and help monitor both slowly progressing medical conditions as well as evaluate your pet's lifestyle to slow and prevent further health conditions. Physical exams with aspirates of lumps, blood panels, skin testing, and urine testing are all incredibly valuable in evaluating basic healthcare as well as for diagnosing illnesses. All of this can be done in home with a Fuzzy vet, so your pet is more comfortable. The Fuzzy Plus membership includes two blood panels per year, 4 in-home physical exams, and $300 credit to spend on any other needed diagnostics or medications- on top of parasite prevention and vaccines.

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