Dog diarrhea presents as soft to liquid stool, sometimes with more frequency and volume relative to normal. Thankfully, most of the time it isn't anything serious. One of the most common causes is a dietary indiscretion from scavenging, also known as ‘garbage gut'. It is a problem we see often in dogs because they will lick, eat and pick up pretty much anything. However, it can also be caused by food intolerance, intestinal parasites, inflammatory bowel disease, and more worryingly, by parvovirus (especially in puppies!), foreign bodies or toxins. Fuzzy can provide fecal testing, blood testing, and many treatments for diarrhea in your home.

You should definitely take your dog to a full-service veterinarian or urgent care if your dog is lethargic, not responding to you as usual, appears in pain, has very frequent and/or watery diarrhea, or with more than a few streaks of blood, has vomited frequently, or is a puppy or elderly.

If your adult dog is usually healthy with no underlying medical problems, it is reasonable to try a few things at home to make them feel better before you rush to the vet. Chat with us through the Fuzzy app to understand what's best for your pet. Even better, schedule an appointment with a Fuzzy vet - in your home, we can provide a checkup to ensure your pet isn't dehydrated and get them back in action sooner.

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