Dermatology for pets can be complicated! They're outside rolling in the grass and dirt, eating sidewalk snacks, picking up fleas from the environment, and don't understand that over-licking and scratching can harm their skin. Environmental allergies, food sensitivities, immune system disorders, thyroid issues, parasites like fleas and mites, and more can all cause dermatologic issues.

Food allergies are not as common as other allergies in pups, but we definitely still see them. If your dog has allergies that are non-seasonal, their symptoms are not responding to traditional treatments, or if there are noticeable gastrointestinal signs, we may propose an elimination food trial. These are often done using a special diet with hydrolyzed proteins that have been broken down to a small enough size to avoid stimulating the immune system. You could also try a novel protein diet using meats the immune system won't recognize, such as venison or duck.

Environmental allergies can develop slowly over time, happen due a move, or some pets inherit them from their parents. Every pet's allergies and symptoms will be different. Sneezing, watery eyes, skin infections, ear infections,hives, itching, and hair loss are common symptoms of environmental allergies.

Fuzzy can provide diagnostics like allergy testing, skin scraping, and skin cytologies. We can also provide treatments like anti-itching medications, antibiotics, medicated shampoos, and much more. Having a pet with allergies can be tough, but the Fuzzy team is here to help you through it. The Fuzzy app and telemedicine is especially great for pets with allergies!

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