Basic Ophthalmology

There can be a few different causes of eye problems in our Fuzzy friends. Deciding what to do depends on the comfort of your pet, severity of symptoms and possible causes. Eye problems can vary from red eye, eye discharge, ulcers, dry eye, glaucoma, and more. Fuzzy can evaluate your pet's eyes with a basic ophthalmic exam in-home, and help you decide if you need to visit an ophthalmologist.

Some eye issues are from playing too much- our pets could get things like sand, dirt, grass awns, or even branches, stuck in their eyes from simply exploring or rough play and fights with other animals.

Plooms of pollen in the air can affect our dogs and cats just as they might affect us humans. If you've noticed that your dog gets red around the eyes every spring, it could be the allergies. Animals with allergies tend to be more prone to eye infections. If you start noticing green or yellow discharge coming out of your pet's eyes, it's time to be seen by a veterinarian!

Animals with glaucoma may have red eyes, frequent and uncomfortable blinking, cloudiness to their corneas, and dilated pupils. Uveitis is another cause of red eye. It refers to inflammation of all the blood vessels in the eye. Another cause of eye problems can be dry eye, which is also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS). Some dogs may have a decrease in tear production that causes their little corneas to get dry and sometimes lead to corneal ulcers. Some breeds are more affected by eye problems than others, such as bulldogs, pugs, spaniels, and yorkshire terriers. Some of our feline friends can develop red eyes as a part of upper respiratory infections, such as herpes virus infection.

Our furry friends only have two eyes, so it's super important to help take care of them! If you have questions, feel free to jump on the app and we can help walk you through keeping your beloved pet happy and healthy. An in-home Fuzzy visit includes a tear test and test of corneal ulcers. We can also provide treatment for most basic eye infections, allergies, dry eye, and corneal ulcers.

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