Are you noticing your once energetic cat likes to spend more times these days napping and lounging? Is your pup starting to lag behind on walks or show less interest in their favorite toys? Sometimes time just flies by and we don't realize that our furry loved ones are getting older. Pets can suffer from many of the same aging processes that we do as we get older including weight gain, arthritis, systemic illness, hearing loss, and decreased vision. A thorough physical exam with your Fuzzy vet is key to help determine if your senior pet might be dealing with any of these issues. The benefit of catching many of these things early is that there are things we can do to help get the pep back in their step!

Just like us, pets are prone to putting on some weight as they get older and more sedentary. Your Fuzzy vet can help evaluate your pet's body condition score (a standard evaluation system) to guide you in a weight loss program as needed.

Oral joint supplements can be very helpful in improving mobility and quality of life. Cold laser is a great alternative treatment option as well geared towards pain management and improved blood flow that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Pain medications can help your pet move with ease. A Fuzzy vet can help you customize your pets personal pain management plan based on lifestyle and individual needs to get your pet back on track!

As pets age, they can develop more serious health issues that should be screened for regularly. A senior wellness bloodwork panel every 6 months (included in the Fuzzy Plus Membership) is a great way to keep a close eye on overall organ function and systemic health. Managing the needs of older pets can be a team effort, and Fuzzy is here to help!

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