Delightful, Comprehensive
In-Home Vet Care

Lifestyle Guidance

Veterinary advice focused on giving your pet the best quality of life.

Diagnostics and Testing

Screening and tests to help provide the best and most appropriate care for your pet.

Chronic Health Care

Veterinary care for pets that need additional and advanced care and attention.

Travel Documents & Support

The veterinary support you need to take your pet when you travel.

For critical, emergency or surgical cases, please go to your emergency clinic or full service vet.


Our vet-designed bundle covers the basics
for $45 per month

How Fuzzy compares to your traditional vet clinic.
Health Services Traditional Vet
2 In-home Wellness Exams Per Year fuzzy yellow checkbox $250 / year
Flea, Tick, and Parasite Meds fuzzy yellow checkbox $250
All Core Vaccines and Boosters fuzzy yellow checkbox $150
Essential Diagnostics (Fecal & Heartworm) fuzzy yellow checkbox $50
Unlimited vet advice through the Fuzzy app fuzzy yellow checkbox grey x mark
Total Annual Price $540 $700

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