What is pet preventive care?

At Fuzzy, we’re all about “preventive care.” It’s not necessarily a common term in everyday jargon, but it’s an important thing to think about when it comes to your pet’s well-being and long-term health.

Preventive care is exactly what it sounds like… it’s health care that you give to your pet in order to prevent disease, illness, and health problems down the road. It’s similar to how you take care of yourself, or how you would take care of your kids. It means doing seemingly simple things like brushing your teeth every day, getting a flu shot, eating healthy, exercising, and having regular check-ups with your doctor. Here’s what preventive care means for pets:

Regular Wellness Exams with a Veterinarian

A wellness exam is a full nose-to-tail exam that checks your pet for all sorts of different health issues. Catching problems early means easier treatments and better outcomes. But it’s not just about the exam; that’s just a snapshot of your pet’s health as it stands today. We need to talk about your pet’s lifestyle, medical history, diet, and activity levels too.


The goal of vaccines is to protect your pet against certain types of diseases and illness. Just like humans, vaccines prevent diseases in pets, too.

At Fuzzy, we provide in-home wellness exams where our veterinarians talk with you about which vaccines are right for your pet and how often they should get vaccines. Most importantly, Fuzzy doesn’t make a single penny more by recommending another vaccine for your pet. Since all your pet’s basic healthcare needs are covered in a Fuzzy membership, we recommend only what your pet needs. 

Diet & Exercise

It’s also important to have your pet on a healthy diet. In short, you want to feed a diet that meets AAFCO standards as a “complete and balanced” diet. You’ll also want to check that your pet is at a healthy weight, which your veterinarian can help you with. A healthy weight can prevent dozens of health problems, such as arthritis and diabetes. This is especially important for older pets.

Exercise goes hand in hand with your pet’s diet. Depending on factors like your pet’s energy levels, age, and breed, they’ll need different types and amounts of exercise to keep them healthy.

Dental Care

Make sure to brush your pet’s teeth at least 3x a week to help prevent the buildup of tartar and protect against dental disease; just like for humans, daily care is best! Your pet may also need regular dental cleanings, depending on their age and other risk factors.


Be sure to trim your pet’s nails regularly, clean their ears, bathe them to keep them clean, and if necessary take them to the groomer for a haircut.

Preventive Medications

Regular monthly doses of heartworm, flea, intestinal parasites, and tick prevention help keep your pet healthy all year long.

These are just some basic tips and suggestions on the things you can do to take care of your pet now and prevent them from getting sick. For more information on preventive care, you can check out our other articles or reach out to one of our veterinarians. Simply download the Fuzzy Pet Health App and ask our veterinarians a question. It’s completely free!

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