Pet Name Trends for 2017

Naming your new pet can be really tricky. You want their name to be a representation of their personality and also have special meaning to you. We’re breaking down the top dog names of 2016 and then looking to 2017 to see what’s in store for dogs everywhere.

Top Dog Names of 2016

To quickly re-cap on last year’s most popular names – we thought we’d share Rover’s top 10 male and female dog names from 2016.

Female Names Male Names
Bella Max
Lucy Charlie
Daisy Buddy
Lola Cooper
Luna Jack
Molly Rocky
Sadie Bear
Sophie Duke
Bailey Toby
Maggie Tucker

For those of you in San Francisco, like ourselves, they also broke down the most popular names here in our city by the bay.


Popular Pet Names in 2017

Petco recently released their predictions for popular pet names for 2017, and we have to admit – this list is good!

The Donald Obama
Rey Cade
Belle Scully
Mulder Peyton
Zelda Sparrow
Thor Portland
Ghost Zane
Ninjago Gilmore
Jumanji Star-Lord
Brandy Bruno

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