Microchipping 101

We frequently get questions about dog and cat microchips when we see new patients here at Fuzzy. Many pet parents 1) don’t know if their pet has a microchip 2) don’t know the microchip number and 3) haven’t registered the microchip. We’re here to help you understand microchips and your pet by answering our most commonly asked questions.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a small identification chip about the size of a grain of rice. It’s used to help reconnect you and your pet in case you are ever separated and can’t find each other.

Why is microchipping my pet important?

In case your pet gets lost, a natural disaster hits, or your pet gets injured while roaming outside, a microchipped pet is more likely to be reunited with its owner. In fact, microchipped pets are more than 200% likely to be reunited with their owners, as opposed to those that aren’t. It’s easy to imagine how collars and ID tags can fall off if your pet is frightened or there’s a lot going on. Having a microchip is your back up plan.

What happens if my pet is lost?

Shelters and animal hospitals have microchip scanners that can read the microchip’s number; the owner registered to that microchip can be subsequently looked up in a microchip registry. We use 15 digit “ISO microchips” which are the standard used for international travel and use petlink.net for our microchip registry.

How do I get a microchip for my pet?

The process is relatively similar to when your pet receives a standard vaccine. Like a vaccine, the microchip is injected through a needle and placed just under your pet’s skin, usually over the shoulders.

Is my personal information on a microchip?

No. Only a string of digits is stored on the chip. Your personal information is privately held by the microchip registry.  It’s not a location device and doesn’t use GPS.

How much do microchips cost?

Many pets, if adopted from a shelter or breeder, already have a microchip. In case your fuzzy doesn’t have one, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide one at his or her next scheduled appointment. The good news is that microchipping and registration is included in your fuzzy subscription, so there’s no added cost to you as the pet parent. We do all the paperwork and your pet is registered for life with no hidden or ongoing fees.

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