The Fuzzy Pet Health App is Now Live

Pets bring so much warmth and joy to our lives. Think about all the times your goofy furbaby made you laugh or cuddled up next to you when you needed some love. It’s our responsibility as pet owners to take care of our furry family members and do what we can to ensure they live long, healthy lives.

Today we’re releasing Fuzzy, the Pet Health Management App that makes pet parenting easy. The app is designed for pet parents to better understand and manage all of their pet’s basic health needs, keep track of all of a pets health needs, and act as a pocket guide to all things pet parenting. The Fuzzy App provides you with your pet’s health score, free storage of your pet’s electronic medical records, relevant health and medication reminders, and resources on improving the health of your pet.  Fuzzy wants to help you become the best pet parent possible as easily as possible.

Get Your Fuzzy’s Pet Health Score

Your Pet Health Score is your pet’s personalized health assessment.  The score is calculated based on your Fuzzy Health Quiz results, your pet’s medical health records and ongoing engagement with your pet’s health & healthy lifestyle.

Your Pet Health Score is important because it helps you understand where your pet’s health stands and provides you with immediate feedback on the measures you can take today to optimize their health, energy and lifespan. You also have the opportunity to share your Pet Health Score results on social media and feel proud of your pet parenting efforts.

Store your Pet’s Medical Records

It’s completely free to use the electronic medical record system on the Fuzzy app.  You can store all of you pet’s health and vaccination records, travel certificates and any other information you may need to share with groomers, walkers and pet caretakers.  We want to help you store everything in one place for easy access down the road.

Create Multiple Profiles to Track All of Your Pets

Do you have more than one pet?  Fuzzy has you covered.  You can take separate quizzes for each of your pets and store their individual Fuzzy Health Scores and medical records under distinct pet profiles.

Set up Health & Medication Reminders

Not sure when your fuzzy is due for their next dose of preventive meds or when you should brush their teeth? We’ve got you covered. Our simple reminder system helps alert you to what matters, when it matters.

Sign up for your local Fuzzy Subscription Service

If you are in San Francisco, you are in luck!  Fuzzy offers a subscription health program for fuzzies and pet parents living in the city. For a low monthly fee, all of your pet’s basic healthcare needs are covered, and all veterinary visits are conducted from the comfort of your home or office. That’s right – the vet comes to you.  The Fuzzy subscription service includes:

  • Two in-home wellness visits with our veterinarian & their assistant where we do a full nose-to-tail assessment of your furbaby.
  • Fecal and Heartworm Testing
  • Microchipping and registration
  • All necessary vaccines
  • Your fuzzy’s flea, tick, heartworm and intestinal parasite medical for the full year delivered straight to your door.
  • Digital access to our veterinary team
  • Health records and reminders

At this time, the subscription is only available to San Francisco residents but Fuzzy will be expanding to more cities in the future.

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