10 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian: Puppies

Welcome to the world of puppy parenting. There are so many things that make the world better and brighter while having a puppy. We’re here to help you navigate the realm of having puppies in the bay area.

One of the first things that you’ll want to do when you bring your puppy home is to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian. It’s important to make an appointment to see if your puppy is healthy and find out what you need to do to keep them healthy.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by everything that goes into taking care of your puppy, and that’s why we’ve come up with a list of questions for you to ask your vet. Getting answers to these will help you know what your puppy needs to be successful. Every puppy is different- there are no one-size-fits-all answers, but your veterinarian can make great recommendations based on your puppy’s age, breed, lifestyle, where you live, and more.

What vaccines does my puppy need?

Every puppy will need different vaccines at different stages of their life. You’ll want to make sure that your puppy is getting the right vaccines if and when they need them. Your lifestyle and traveling will influence what vaccines you need!

When can I take my puppy outside?

Based on your puppy’s age and vaccines they may or may not be ready to go outside and be on the ground.

Should I be giving my puppy flea, tick and heartworm preventive medication?

Many people only think their dog needs to have flea medication but did you know that they actually need to prevent things like heartworm as well? Ask your vet about which preventive medication is right for your puppy and how often they’ll need to take it.

Should I get insurance for my puppy?

By getting insurance for your puppy, you’re able to protect them from the beginning of their life in the event of illness and injury. Talk to your veterinarian to see if your puppy is at risk for certain diseases or conditions and their thoughts on pet insurance.

When should I switch from puppy food to adult food?

Talking to your veterinarian about your puppy’s diet is important. You’ll want to make sure that their current food is nutritionally complete and that you’re giving them what they need to grow.

Will my puppy’s teeth fall out and should I be brushing them?

All puppies start with baby teeth, and they’ll lose them at different times. It’s important to start proper dental health habits right away.

Do I need to trim my puppy’s nails and clean their ears?

Your veterinarian will be able to make recommendations on nail trimming and ear cleaning. They’ll also be able to suggest the right products for your puppy.

When should I microchip my puppy?

In the event of an emergency, or if your puppy is lost, a microchip is one way to help you and your puppy be re-united.

Does my puppy have worms or parasites?

It’s not uncommon for puppies to have worms, parasites, or both. Talk to your veterinarian about deworming and whether or not your puppy needs a fecal test.

When should I come back for my next appointment and why?

You’ll want to plan ahead for your puppy’s next appointment, sometimes the veterinarian will need a fecal sample other times they won’t. You’ll also want to be prepared for when their next round of vaccinations is due and any other preventive care.

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