Itch Relief Spray

Itch Relief Spray

Fuzzy Itch & Comfort spray soothes irritated skin from dermatitis, insect bites, abrasions, and minor irritations. Safe for cats & dogs. Use the code "SKINCOAT" for 50% off your first Subscribe & Save order for any Skin & Coat product.


Purified Water Sodium Laureth Sulfate Cocomidol propyl betaine Polyquat-7 Collodial oatmeal Borage oil Fragrance Preservative color

Vet Take & Benefits

Pets need skincare, too! Fuzzy's Comfort Spray reduces itching while moisturizing your pet's coat and is an effective solution for managing your pet's allergies and dry skin. Safe to use multiple times a day.

Directions for Use

Apply to affected area to quickly relieve your dog or cat from itchy skin and flaking caused by minor cuts, scrapes, dermatitis and bites.