Daily Dental Chews - Small Dogs and Cats

Daily Dental Chews - Small Dogs and Cats

A chewy treat to keep teeth clean (bye-bye plaque and tartar) and breath fresh, recommended for dogs and cats under 20 lbs


Acetic acid, sodium hexametaphosphate

Vet Take & Benefits

Dentees Stars are a palatable and digestible dental treat for dogs and cats. They are designed to aid in removing and preventing plaque build up while freshening breath and should be used to manage pet dental hygiene.

Directions for Use

Give 1-2 times daily for dogs over 6 months old
Weight Recommended Chews
Less than 5 lbs 1 chew
6-10 lbs 2 chews
11-15 lbs 3 chews
16-20 lbs 4 chews