Daily Dental Chews - Dog

Daily Dental Chews - Dog

Fuzzy Dental Chews are our vet-preferred daily treat to keep teeth clean and breath fresh for dogs.


Natural Peppermint Anise Seeds Sodium Hexametaphosphate Peppermint Flavor ANM Complex Oral Care Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin Parsley Powder Rice Flour Brown Rice Syrup Water, Synthetic Cheese Flavor, Lecithin Tapioca Starch Glycerin Gelatin Sorbic Acid Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol Acetate) Calcium Propionate Ascorbic Acid Safflower oil

Vet Take & Benefits

Fuzzy's Dental Chews slows tartar acculmuation and breaks down the plaque responsible for dental disease. These chews also combat bad breath and keep teeth clean.

Directions for Use

Give your pet 1-2 chews daily. Feel free to mix it into your pet's food!

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