Your First Fuzzy Vet Checkup
Now that you’ve set a date for your first Fuzzy in-home checkup, it’s time to get ready. So the first question you may have is, “Well, who is this stranger doctor coming to see my pet?”  We’re proud to have assembled a wonderful team of compassionate and experienced veterinarians and veterinary assistants who will be traveling to your home or office to give your pet a comprehensive a nose-to-tail exam.


Even before we head over to your home or work, we try to get to know and understand your pet as much as we can. You’ll notice that we ask you for any existing medical records from previous vet clinics. These records will help inform our team of any conditions, due vaccines or specific health aspects they should focus on during the checkup.  The more information, the better!  If you only have hard copies of any medical records for your pets, no worries – we’ll review them when we’re with you and your pet.

Other tidbits about your pet that we want to know pre-visit include: areas that may be sensitive to touch, any strange behaviors you’ve noticed, and your specific concerns from previous vet visits. We know that some pets prefer women, others are afraid of tall people, some hate having their paws touched… every pet is unique and we do our best to accommodate their needs. We also love to learn all the fun things about your pet like their favorite food and toy, all of their nicknames, and their favorite spot for a scratch. There is no such thing as over-sharing! 


The first thing you should do is download the Fuzzy app and complete the health questionnaire so that the team has all the information they need about your pet(s)! In general, it’s always great to write down your questions ahead of time, so that we can cover everything and anything you’re curious about during the exam.  If you do think of something after the team has left your checkup, don’t worry. You can always reach out through our app to connect with our Digital Health and Membership Experience teams for any lingering questions. 

If you have a cat, please make sure to keep them inside the night before or morning of their appointment! Ideally, we recommend a quiet room with no hiding spots or difficult-to-reach nooks. The Fuzzy team will come with treats, so if possible, feed them a smaller breakfast to help keep them more food-motivated.  We also carry Feliway, which is a kitty-calming pheromone that can help keep cats calm and relaxed when meeting new people and in potentially stressful situations.

If you have a high-energy pup, make sure they burn off that energy before the Fuzzy team arrives.  Take them out for a walk or jog. As with cats, feed a smaller meal the morning of the appointment to help with treat motivation during the exam.

If you would like the team to collect blood or urine for labwork, please try to make sure your pet has a full bladder and has not urinated immediately prior to the visit.


Two Fuzzy team members—a veterinarian and a veterinary assistant—will always be present at the initial exam. This makes for stress-free handling, treat motivation, and positive reinforcement during vet visits. It also enables you to have a one-on-one conversation between the veterinarian while the assistant takes notes. You should expect the exam to last from 35 – 45 minutes.

The physical exam is comprehensive: body and cardiac condition, eyes, ears and dental health. Our team will want to know what it’s like to spend the day in the life of your pet. We want to know the nitty-gritty details of where your kitty’s litter box is, what they eat and how often, and your pup’s walk routine. 

Towards the end of the visit, you will have a chance to start your annual Fuzzy membership right then and receive member-level services such as vaccines. If you do decide Fuzzy is the right fit, your membership will be activated and you will be charged the membership fee within 1 or 2 days. If you decide that you would prefer to pay only for the services you received during the initial visit rather than become a member, the team will send you an invoice to pay within 30 days. This is a great time to do more research, compare costs, and do some math. We understand Fuzzy isn’t always the best plan for every pet’s needs.

If you do activate your annual membership, you can expect your first doses of preventive meds 5 – 7 days after the checkup. These medications (flea, tick, and heartworm) are shipped monthly. Make sure you give them to your pet at the same time every month!

Have more questions? Download the Fuzzy app to connect with our vet team live. We’re happy to help you understand if Fuzzy is the right fit for your family. 

Questions about Fuzzy In-Home Care?