Your First Fuzzy Exam: What to Expect & How to Prepare
You’ve set a date for your first Fuzzy appointment—yay! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen us to deliver the highest quality vet care for your furry friend. By doing checkups in the comfort of your home, your pets are more relaxed, which allows our vets to conduct a more thorough health examination. Now it’s time to get ready for your in-home visit!

Who’s coming to see my furry friend? 
Fuzzy’s team of amazing, compassionate veterinary professionals will be traveling to your home or office to give your four-legged friend a nose to tail exam. For initial exams, you’ll be visited by two Fuzzy team members: a veterinarian and a veterinary assistant.

What should I expect?
Our Fuzzy team will work together to provide stress-free handling, lots of treat motivation and positive reinforcement, and one-on-one conversations between you and our Fuzzy vet while the assistant takes notes. 

Our Fuzzy team will want to know what a day in the life of your pet is like. Get ready to give us the lowdown! This includes the nitty-gritty details of where your kitty’s litter box is located all the way to the logistics of feeding stations and your pup’s walk routine. 

How should I prepare for our visit?
For feline friends, it’s important to keep them inside the night before or morning of their appointment. Ideally, a quiet room with no hiding spots or difficult to reach places is recommended as well. We will come with treats, so feed your cat a smaller breakfast to help them stay food motivated. Fuzzy teams also carry Feliway, a kitty calming pheromone that can help keep cats calm and relaxed in new situations.

For canine friends, especially those with lots of energy, it’s helpful if they can go for a nice long walk to help burn off some extra energy before the visit. The same feeding rule applies: feed a smaller meal the morning of the appointment to help with treat motivation during the exam.

It’s always a great idea to write down any questions you may have ahead of time so that nothing gets forgotten during the exam. If you have hard copies of your pet’s medical records, have them ready for our vet to take a peek during the exam! 

Other tidbits about your pet that we want to know include areas that may be sensitive to touch on your pet as well as any behaviors you’ve noticed that you would like input on. If you have any specific concerns about past vet visits that have made your pet nervous, let the Fuzzy team know when you’re scheduling the appointment. 

We look forward to making your visit as easy and stress-free as possible! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Questions about your first visit?