See what you'd save with a Fuzzy membership

Fuzzy members save more than 30% with us, compared to traditional vets.

We make it easy. You can pay monthly.

We’ll break the standard $600 annual membership price into 12 monthly payments.



/ month

Includes all essential pet health care for a year.

Why a Membership Model

We worked with our vets to design a membership that covers all the essentials of your pet's health and that makes care more affordable for our members.

Life is about relationships

You invite us into your home so we can provide a higher quality of care for your pet and a superior experience for you. We get to know you and your pet so that we can give you and your pet the personalized attention you deserve.

Maximizing Convenience
How Fuzzy Works

All the essential care - done right

Science and technology have advanced to ensure that the essential care your pet needs to stay healthy doesn't require visiting a vet clinic. Our veterinarians come to your home and because we have all the data at our disposal, we get to deliver the care your pet needs. No more no less.

Partner for every stage of life

From preparing your puppies and kittens for life in the big playground of the world, to helping your growing pets stay happy and healthy, to providing personal care in the golden years. Our veterinary team is here for you every step of the way. It's in our best interest to keep your pets healthy every step of the journey. Proud to be with you for the ride.

Why Fuzzy Is Better
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