Why Fuzzy is Better

Raising and caring for a pet can be confusing, challenging and expensive. We set out to change all that and deliver the highest quality vet care and make it simple, accessible and convenient.

In-Home Visits

In-Home Visits

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Access

Absolute convenience

Absolute Convenience

Simple, affordable care

Simple, Affordable Care

Knock, Knock - it's your pet's new BFF

By doing checkups in the comfort of your home, your pets are more relaxed, which allows our vets to conduct a more thorough health examination. Our vets can evaluate your pet's lifestyle, surroundings, diet and regular behavior - all of this allows us to provide your pet with a comprehensive health exam and provide tailored recommendations to suit their lifestyle.

Fuzzy has you covered
How Fuzzy Works

We use technology to make your life easier

We’re using our app and our mobile vet team to get you the right kind of care when you need it. Start the conversation digitally in our app, and our vets will come to you if there is face-to-face care needed.

Finally, no more wasting time sitting in a clinic waiting room with your pet getting anxious around other pets. Not to mention the potential for catching contagious illnesses.

All the essentials in a simple membership

Our vet designed member package includes all the essentials your pet needs to stay healthy. For puppies and kittens, we include all the immunization series and dewormer to give them the best start in life. Your pet will never miss their vaccines again - our plan is set up so that we keep your pet's medical records and help you stay on schedule.

Why Fuzzy Is Better
How Fuzzy Works

We do the right thing for your pets

Because of our membership model, we do not incentivize our veterinarians to "push products or procedures". The advice our veterinarians provide to you is always true to our main rule: "Always do what's right for the pet".

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