Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold: make veterinary care more accessible and empower veterinarians to improve their well-being and innovate in a slow-moving industry.

Our Mission

Make vet care more accessible

Empower vets to innovate and delight

Maximizing convenience, lowering cost

Because of fast-rising vet costs, more than 50% of the 200 million pets in this country aren’t receiving any veterinary care. Our first goal is addressing the cost problem - increasing digital vet access with technology, providing vet care to more pets with our optimized mobile vet team, and cutting unnecessary costs by rethinking vet service delivery.

Maximizing Convenience
How Fuzzy Works

Innovating in a slow-moving industry

We were shocked to learn that as a profession, veterinarians have one of the highest suicide attempt rates in the country.

We’re changing the way that care is being delivered, leveraging technology to make practicing vet care better, and partnering with the industry to create impactful change.

Enhancing the care experience on all sides

We’re creating vet visits that feel like playdates to help pets thrive.

For pet parents, we’re caring for their pets so they can enjoy the happiness that a healthy life brings.

For vets, we’re creating ways to deliver care that brings joy to caring for pets.

Why Fuzzy Is Better

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