How Fuzzy Works

Modern pet health care to suit your lifestyle. We've made veterinary clinic visits a thing of the past, making pet health delightful, simple, convenient and comprehensive.

Our Mission

Checkups when and where you want them

Fuzzy licensed veterinarians and vet technicians are available 8a-8p every day.

Pick a day and time that works for you and your pet.

Our vet teams come to your home, your office, or a convenient location in SF Bay Area or New York City.

Maximizing Convenience
How Fuzzy Works

Incredible health care professionals

Fuzzy veterinarians are hand-picked for their experience, track record of delivering the highest quality of care, and communication.

Fuzzy veterinarians specialize in behavioral therapy, rehabilitation, chronic care treatment, skin & dermatological issues, diet and nutrition consulting and more!

Unlimited vet access whenever you need us

Every pet parent has had one of those moments where you worry about whether your dog or cat is unwell, acting unusual, not eating or countless other unpleasant scenarios.

The Fuzzy vet team is always available at your fingertips to provide health advice, lifestyle and activity recommendations or to provide an expert opinion on your pet's health.

Why Fuzzy Is Better
How Fuzzy Works

Ongoing health & behavior support

Health conditions don't go away overnight, and Fuzzy is here for the long haul. Medications mailed monthly, rechecks and lab services done in your home, digital checkins and support for health and behavioral conditions, and access to your pet's health records mean that you and your pet are set when it comes to chronic and ongoing conditions.

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