We are Fuzzy

We're a modern pet health company with a mission to make veterinary care exceptional, accessible, and delightful.

About Fuzzy

Our Mission

We set out to build Fuzzy with a mission to make great veterinary care more accessible to pet parents. We also set out to empower veterinarians to improve their well-being and their industry.

Our Mission
How Fuzzy Works

How Fuzzy Works

We focus on delivering world-class veterinary care for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies in environments where they feel comfortable - at home, your office or any convenient location.

Why Fuzzy is Better

We perform vet checkups in-home.

We ship essential meds shipped directly to your home.

You get unlimited access to your vet team anytime at your fingertips.

All in a simple membership that makes a healthier life for your pet easy on you.

Why Fuzzy Is Better
Why a Membership Model

Why a Membership Model

The Fuzzy membership model ensures that our interests are always aligned with yours and your pet's health. Our membership is designed to ensure that we can extend the lifespan of every pet as much as possible, and help pets live the highest quality life.

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