Daisy is fuzzin' awesome.

Give them awesome vet care with a simple monthly membership.

We're different.We're better.

We believe pet care shouldn't be about stressful clinic visits and unexpected bills.

We create a different type of relationship between vets, pets, and pet parents; one that is personal, empowering, and for the long haul.

Because life gets messy

We come over.

Our vets will come to you, so your pets never have to leave your home. No more traffic, long waiting times or stressed out dogs or cats. We're available on evenings and weekends − and always follow house rules.

There's an app for that.

You do everything on your phone − now you can use it to get vet help too. Use the Fuzzy app to Ask-A-Vet what to do if your pet eats a dryer sheet, your computer charger or your "special" brownies.

And it's actually cheaper.

A Fuzzy membership covers in-home vet checkups, vaccines, and flea + tick + heartworm medications. Fuzzy's Ask-A-Vet chat saves our members hundreds of dollars in unnecessary trips to the vet ER. Cha-ching!

"I'm jealous that my dog gets better health care than I do."
- member who thinks he's a really big deal on Twitter

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